Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does United Energy Supply Corp. do?

A: United Energy supplies natural gas and electricity to residential and commercial customers in deregulated energy markets.

Q: Why choose United Energy Supply?

A:play to your strengths instead. Make statements about the managements experience, it’s own stability etc.

Q: When will I know that I am officially a United Energy Supply customer and when do I receive my discounts?

A: Upon approval from your Utility you will receive a welcome letter from the Utility informing you of your choice to become a UES customer. Additionally you will receive a welcome packet from UES with the Terms and Conditions of the program and other special offers.

Q: How am I billed?

A: Your utility company will continue to bill you and service your account as they always have. United Energy supply charges will appear on the bill in place of the Utility supply charges. You still make only one payment to your utility company.

Q: If I switch, can I decide to return to my utility later?

A: Yes. If for any reason you decide that you prefer having your energy supplied by the utility, you can switch back subject to the terms of your United Energy contract.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: It’s simple, enroll right here online. Just click the “Enroll Now” Box It only takes a few minutes-just have your current utility bill ready.